Vocational Training of the Food and Service Industry

The Danish Meat Trade College is a non-profit independent Education and Training Centre founded in 1964 by the Danish slaughterhouses, which considered human resource development in the meat industry to be strategically important for the future expansion of the sector. Today, The Danish Meat Trade College has developed into a modern educational institution, covering education and training at the following levels:


  • Vocational education and training (VET): Industrial slaughter, retail butcher, sausage maker, cook, waiter, baker, pastry baker, nutrition assistant, service assistant and security guard
  • Training centre of labour market courses for adults in the Danish food- & service industry


The VET-programmes are sandwich- type programmes, in which theoretical and practical education at the college (approximately 1/3 of the time) alternates with practical training in an approved company (approximately 2/3 of the time) in order to ensure theoretical, practical, general and personal skills, which are in demand in the labour market.


As a modern service minded educational institution, the College services the entire Danish food manufacturing industry and especially the Danish meat industry. The Danish Meat Trade College develop plans and implements relevant training activities for the Danish food and service industry and approx. 12.000 individuals, from these also students from abroad, are educated and trained annually. The training is conducted at the college’s facilities or as in-service training locally in the companies.


Approx. 150 teachers and supporting staff are employed at the College, of this approx. 60 specialist teachers with very different technical educational background, supplemented with a pedagogical education. Many of the teachers have international experience and training and education may take place also in English.


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