4,000 m2 full scale Slaughterhouse

The Danish Meat Trade College is one of a kind educational institution in Europe with its own full scale slaughterhouse for practical red meat education and training facilities in a multi functional building for education and training of industrial slaughters, retail butchers, veterinarian students and further education and training of staffs from the Red Meat Industry domestic and international.
The full training facilities fulfil all veterinarian and hygienic requirements stipulated by EU and the objective is to sell all products under normal businesslike conditions to the domestic market.

Capacity & facilities:

• Stable for pigs    
• Slaughter line for pigs
• Capacity: 60 pigs per day – speed 20 pigs/hour
• Cooling facilities
• Cutting and de-boning facilities
• Processing facilities, sausage making, curing, smoking, minced meat, preparation of convenience food and delicatessen
• Retail butcher and food shop
• Visitors facilities – learning centre with focus on food and meat industry

Areas of expertise - meat industry:

• Slaughtering
• Cutting
• De-boning
• Processing
• HACCP/hygiene
• Technology
• Optimisation/balancing of lines/Lean production
• Production Management

Areas of expertise - meat retail:

• Customer service
• De-boning
• Delicatessens
• Cold cuts
• Presentation of products
• Hygiene